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In order to better help you understand the history of events leading up to this monumental point in time, NEO United Kingdom of God Sky Earth/UN-SwissIndo/SwissIndo World Trust International Orbit is releasing this public statement to address the world and clarify our Mission, goals and pure intent.

Our Media Ministry’s main objective is to offer a transparent platform of information to help you understand the various parties and resources that comprise one of the most ambitious projects in known history!

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UN-Swissindo, as the Country Higher than Highest Institution and NEO UKOGSE as the Nation Higher than the Highest Institution via Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, has stayed its course and maintained its focus and alignment on its sole mandated mission since its emergence onto the global stage in 2012. That single Mandate is to Bring Heaven to Earth for 7.4 billion beings. His Royal Highness, “King of Kings,” THE BIG TOP PRESIDENT, ROYAL K.681, H.M.MR.A1.SINO.AS.S”2”.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST. M1, fondly known also as Mr. Sino AS. or Bapak Sugih, took upon himself the responsibility to remove the shackles and free humanity from the bonds of the old system of debt slavery and usher in a new age of abundance, prosperity, health co-creativity and peace, planet-wide.

As with anything that we are conditioned to believe sounds just ‘too good to be true’, NEO United Kingdom of God Sky Earth/UN-SwissIndo/SwissIndo World Trust International Orbit’s legitimacy and feasibility has come under fire by those who:

    1. Feel convinced that the 99.9% could never overcome the debt and economic bondage of the .1%,
    2. A reflexive fear that the New World Peace Agreement has to be hiding some other agenda, based on trauma that the old systems have conditioned humanity to ‘expect’,
    3. Have not taken the time to follow the developments and achievements of this organisation (NEO United Kingdom of God Sky Earth/UN-SwissIndo/SwissIndo World Trust International Orbit) which have remained in alignment with its original intent from beginning to current time or;


  1.  Have become disparaged due to the amount of time it has taken to bring this entire mission to actuality and decided that it simply can never happen as laid out in the Mission Statement, available here at link below. Changing an entire paradigm is not as swift a task as our lives in this era of  ‘instant gratification’ would have us think, unfortunately. The Mission of UN-Swissindo can be viewed here. 

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This is God’s Mission known as a MANDATE to free and unite the 7.5 billion people through PAYMENT ORDER 1-11.

PAYMENT ORDER 1-11 to all 253/357 Countries. It will support the Governments of the World in the implementation of:

INDIVIDUAL DEBT BURDEN LIBERATION (DBL): up to a total maximum of Rp. 2,000,000,000 (Two Billion Rupiah) each.

CORPORATE DEBT BURDEN LIBERATION: up to the amount of USD $2,000,000,000 (Two Billion US Dollars) each.

COUNTRY QUOTA: US$138,990,000,000,000 (One Hundred and Thirty Eight Trillion, Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion) each.

BANK QUOTA: US$138,990,000,000,000 (One Hundred and Thirty Eight Trillion, Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion) each.

HUMAN OBLIGATION: US$6,000,000 (Six Million Dollars) per person, from 17 years of age and with a legal identity and students earn a monthly basic income of US$600 (Six Hundred Dollars) and adults US$1200 (One Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars) for the rest of their lives.

THE VENUS PROJECT for the Construction of the Universe: Mr. Jacque Fresco is the mastermind of this magnificent project which represents the culmination of his life’s work: the integration of the best of science and technology within a comprehensive plan for a global society based on human and environmental concern will soon be ours to enjoy.

Collectively Known as the WORLD SOLUTION GIFT OFFER
For the Highest Good of All



PAYMENTS 1-11 removes the entire slavery system, eradicates poverty, solves the global financial crisis and brings HEAVEN ON EARTH. It is the only SOLUTION…

We are grateful for other options, for trying their best to change the world but as you can see that each attempt can only relieve a small portion of the world’s problem. Each does not solve the slavery system, poverty & global financial crisis!

UN-SWISSINDO’s PAYMENTS 1-11 solves and frees the whole WORLD’S CHALLENGE! No more slavery system, poverty or global financial crisis! Accept PAYMENTS 1-11–the only risk is a TSUNAMI of HAPPINESS!

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Due to an amazing sequence of events, initiated and powered by some of the most dynamic, freedom-seeking people on the planet, we stand at a crossroads. We have the unique opportunity to permanently lift humanity out of misery and poverty, as we watch the old, unfair systems crumble around us in every direction.


This global mission has been architecturally designed and perfected by the 681st King in an unbroken line of Indonesian servant-kings called, “King of Kings,” THE BIG TOP PRESIDENT, ROYAL K.681, H.M. MR.A1.SINO.AS.S”2”.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST. M1, fondly known also as Mr. Sino A. S. or Bapak Sugih. 


This initiative aims for nothing less than the total empowerment and individual sovereignty of all people worldwide.  How do we intend to do that? The answer is by eradicating all forms of war, slavery, poverty and by providing the means for each man, woman and child to live up to their full unlimited potential. Additionally, substantial funding is being provided for the redevelopment and modernization of our global infrastructure and the re-purposing of the public sector employees to faithfully serve the ONE people.

Please note that many of the titles used by the NEO United Kingdom of God Sky Earth/UN-SwissIndo/SwissIndo World Trust International Orbit are names of entitlement, rights by Divine and physical inheritance, proof of ownership, position, authority, scope of purpose, proof as legal asset holder, master and ultimate sovereign over global assets. Another thing to note is that within Swissindo documents one comes across words and names that, on the surface don’t make sense … “big top president”, for instance … know that these titles and documents are translated from Indonesian. Indonesian, similar to Sanskrit or Hebrew, is an Ancient language where the mere pronunciation of words, the very sounds are Creative, Sacred sounds with deep meaning and nuance. To translate such depth into what is a relatively young language like English, well, there is sometimes difficulty getting the point across. So the recommendation is this, upon hearing unfamiliar usage of English words, use the Heart to understand the MEANING of the words, the depth of their meaning, instead of the common, surface meanings, which at first sound out of place as we are not accustomed to the cultural history and practises of the Archipelago’s royal lineages.

For clarity to the newcomer,

    • Payments 1 to 11 include “Human Obligation” payments for every living person (a guaranteed basic income) and separate “Country Quota” payments for every country.


    • These payments were intended to be released more than 50 years ago but the assassination of JFK and a coup d’etat in Indonesia prevented the release of the funds.


    • Payments 1-11 are intended to be for the protection of all people and their unalienable human rights, especially the weak or vulnerable; and for the protection of each country – both “national security” and the protection of the physical Earth occupied by each country, the air, water and all life


    • They are intended to save the global economy from imminent collapse, which Mr. Sugih sees, is inevitable without Payments 1-11.


    • They are intended to pay all debts in full – all government/country debts, corporate (up to 2 Billion USD) and personal debts (up to the amount of two billion rupiah per person).


    • They are intended to fund the reversal of environmental destruction and return the world to a natural state of abundance. This will be assisted by the release of new technologies and long-suppressed technologies.


    • They are intended to be used for printing of new World gold backed currencies–the Estwo– for each country (if a country so chooses) to put an end to financial slavery; replacing artificially created scarcity with abundance for all people.


    • They are intended to free people from the constant struggle for survival so they can pursue their passion and heart’s desires.


    • They are intended to empower people to co-create the world they desire.


  • They are intended to fund the reconstruction and modernization of the world.
Click for PAYMENT 1-11 FOR THE WORLD, Video
    • They are intended to help launch a new business paradigm of open sourced information and access to that information in the areas of banking, energy, media, governments, the UN, law and justice, science and technology, education, healthcare, industry and all elements of society – through transparency.


    • They are intended to help reveal our true history and other long-hidden truths.


    • They are intended to usher in and support – long term – a new age of peace, freedom and prosperity for all. (Some call this “The Golden Age”).


    • They are intended to be an example to the world of giving generously back to all people, with unconditional love, what was naturally theirs by birthright.


    • They are intended to help heal the hearts of all people of at least ten “illnesses of the heart”, such as jealousy, greed and fear, which in turn will help to enable “Heaven on Earth” to become our new reality.


    • They are NOT intended to destroy governments or break up countries or reduce each country’s sovereignty, rather refocus them on assisting their respective populations– the people whom they have pledged to be in service of.


  • P1-11 is the only solution to remove the entire slavery system, it is also the only program that is wanting to save ALL parties. Everyone will be a winner…What a  Great VICTORY!

An historical perspective of this current mission provides that The United Nations was registered in Batavia, which is now Jakarta, Indonesia with the UN APPROVAL NO.MISA 81704 on August 17th, 1945 and the UBS-UNPRI, which is the UN-Principle for Responsible Investment, held by UN- SWISSINDO. The first President of Indonesia, also Caretaker M1, Ir. Soekarno, funded the United Nations Organization with EXHIBIT B OBLIGATION CERTIFICATE UBS “17 SBG” with a value of US$.506.502.000.000 (Five Hundred Six Billion Five Hundred Two Million Dollars) this was for MAXIMUM PERIOD of 70 years; ending on the 17 August, 2015; The United Nations Organization was launched in San Francisco on the 13th of February 1946.

President Soekarno backed the UN because he had the ultimate purpose of taking the world “BACK TO BASICS”, which is an Essential Foundation and Moral Code for ALL, where Responsibility, Truthfulness, Accountability, Dignity, Diplomacy, Respect, Honor, Compassion, non-greed, non-stealing, non-endangerment and Selfless Service to Others.


Let us reiterate President Soekarno’s and President John F. Kennedy’s connection to UN-SWISSINDO.

In 1963, The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement was signed by Indonesian President Soekarno, President John F. Kennedy and William Vouker as the Swiss state and Bank witness in Geneva, Switzerland. November 1963 as part of U.S. government acknowledgement of the existence of gold bullion from Indonesia which was to be used as collateral for the U.S. financial world to issue gold-backed US Dollars in order to continue to facilitate International Trade. The operation was to be conducted by the Swiss Government through (UBS) the Union Bank of Switzerland. The potential of this Agreement led to Executive Order 11110, which provided the Department of the U.S. Treasury the power to issue United States Dollars (instead of the Federal Reserve). On the 22 November 1963, eight days after the signing of the Green Hilton Agreement, United States President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The authority granted to the U.S. Treasury was never carried through.

Today, we pick up the baton and together we will honour their efforts and the price they paid by finishing the work these esteemed gentlemen gave their lives to bring forth.  President Kennedy lost his life and President Soekarno was placed on house arrest by his own country until his death–due to a media war that used propaganda to turn his countrymen against him. This is same thing that happens today in the mainstream media.  It is used as another mechanism of control over the collective belief systems. We are here to carry the torch for these fallen heroes and to provide a world that is better off than we found it, for now and for posterity…




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In Indonesia since 11 March 2016, Fatwa Law, provides that the “Determined decision of Immam Mahdi Fatwa of Royal, K.681 M1 as Great President of United Nations to be enforced as Final Decision of 12 World Portals; The Committee of 300-The International Organic Agency-United Nations which includes International Court and the Supreme Court of Indonesia:

    1. Emergency Law for Society Economic Dynamics of Pancasila Economic Change through legal requirement of ALL DEBT liberation as part of Payments 1-11 (P1-11) Program according to Human Rights and,


    1. The World responsibility right, through Debt Burden Liberation and the Warranty for Living Costs of People in the World,through Voucher MI-Master Bond Human Obligation, includes The Committee of 300-The World Bank Group-United Nations by Swissindo World Trust International Orbit and the entire Payments 1-11 (P1-11) Program.


    1. The rise of True Self nation and Indonesian people against all forms of colonialism and banking slavery; this must be abolished as contrary to the basic philosophy of the country’s philosophy of Pancasila NKRI 17-8-1945 legal requirement, starting from the Debt Burden Liberation of the Citizens and the Granting of Voucher M1 as evidence and a form of defending the country as the nation and country of a pioneer and World Lighthouse.


  1. This letter is to be implemented as a command and positive initiative in order to avoid sanctions of 100 year Jail Term/ Fine of USD. 1.000 Trillion for any banking and institution attempt to perpetuate the slavery system in the world, according to the Declaration of Validly, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Control No. 01302014-CO300/2014, associated with the account numbers in 6 Prime Banks as part of the 884 Owner Accounts.”


As it stands today, UN-Swissindo has the support of the country of Indonesia and its ruling bodies. The Indonesian Supreme Court Ruling (Mahkamah Agung Decree) of 24 June 2016 is summarised below:



download-52      2000px-mahkamah_agung_insignia-svg


Click imaged to view or download Mahkamah Agung Decree

CIREBON, JAVA, Indonesia, 7 SEPTEMBER 2016 –The Indonesian Mahkamah Agung – Supreme Court Justice, together with Kholipatul Immam Mahdi, K.681 King of King’s, aka M1 (Great President), of an international organization based in Cirebon, West Java, Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, will announce the Certification of the Publication of the Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC) and distribution of the M1-Master Bond Voucher (M1 Voucher), Guaranteed Basic Income as part of the Payment Order 1-11, for the freedom of all citizens of Indonesia and the World on October 16, 2016, at 11:00 am WIB, at the Supreme Court, Jl. Medan Merdeka Utara No. 9-13, Jakarta.

DBLC jpg
Click to download your DBLC (Debt Burden Liberation Certificate)

On June 24, 2016, an Official JOINT DECREE LETTER was signed, sealed and delivered by Prof. Dr. Haji Muhammad Hatta Ali, SH. MH, UN-Swissindo Consumer Protection, TUKIMlNTO, SH. and Mr. Sino AS, the Great President of the United Nations declaring that UN-Swissindo’s DBLC (amounting up to Rp. 2 Billion – about USD 146K per person) “is absolute truth, is legal and is effective as mutatis mutandis; … and since the Debt Burden Liberation Certificate issued on Feb 4, 2016, the Banks have no more right to collect payments or withdraw funds from debtors, because the legal relationship between debtors and banks by law have ended. The status of money charged / withdrawn is no longer considered as debt repayment money, therefore it can be charged as criminal fraud and or embezzlement, and there is no reason for the collateral to be detained, it must be handed over immediately.” Bank Indonesia and 6 Prime Banks related are released from the same burden of each citizen’s debt burden as part of the purifying the universe.” The following is soon coming into force: M1-MASTER BOND VOUCHER in accordance with E-ID/SSN/PASSPORT as an Account Number with Initial Balance of HUMAN OBLIGATION USD $600 for all youth (students with ID, aged 17 years and older), and USD $1,200 for adults, valid for each month for life.

Swissindo World Trust International Orbit is an organization that was created by the Founding Fathers of the 25 Parent Countries in the World, in 1887, as the Parent country, and thus Country Higher than the Highest Institution of the world. The JOINT DECREE LETTER is now the LEGAL PROTECTION for ALL under the Highest Law nationally and internationally. It is an umbrella protection for all countries, their leaders, governments, banks and their valuable citizens. This Historic announcement, for the freedom of 7 billion world citizens, will be witnessed by: the Ambassadors of the 25 Parent countries, the Governor of the Bank of Indonesia, the President Directors of the 6 Prime Banks, United Nations, Swissindo Reps, TNI (Military), POLRI (Police) Multinational, Press / Mass Media International Co-respondents and the people of the world. It is imperative that the governments and media immediately announce the historical news to free the people. Unlimited Publication!

Royal, K 681 H.M. MR. A1. SINO.AS.S”2”.IR .SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST.M1 is holder and owner of Country Certificate of NKRI 17-8-1945, covering Lands Series 1-4 Wareld Van Eighendom Verponding Onderneming-Landreform of International Certificate (Convanel UBS).

Mr. Sino AS, explained that UN-Swissindo’s highest purpose is to create a secure, comfortable and prosperous world. This will be achieved by the DBLC and granting M1 Master Bond Voucher as basic income for all Indonesian citizens, as well as all citizens of the world. “My duty is to sort out the world administration.” The administration that was referred to was interrelated to debts, which have enslaved world citizens for centuries. Therefore, he said, in this case Swissindo will act as the third party, to connect those in debt with the loan providers or banks.

What is clear is that Mr. Sino AS aka M1 stated the purpose of the Debt Burden Liberation Certificate and the M1 Master Bond Voucher are to free ALL human beings. What’s more, this program is only part of UN-Swissindo’s Major Program – the completion of Payments 1-11, one of which is Human Obligation. UN-Swissindo believes, when everyone’s debt is relieved (DBLC) and their basic needs (M1-Voucher) are guaranteed, that means all human beings are equal and have value as God’s creatures, living into a future we all deserve … HEAVEN on EARTH.

Also included in the agreement of Joint Decree Letter is coverage of Corporation debts up to 2 Billion USD, Country and Bank Quotas valued at 138,990 Billion USD each and Patent License Agreement Authority will be given to all Countries accepting the Payment Order 1-11 for printing a new Gold backed ESTWO currency.

See corresponding documentation of that event here, in video and print: :


It is no surprise that when searching for Truths, we find that our current mainstream media, our history books and much internet information strangely changed or it omits actual, true news items.

From the North, East, South or West, the doors of NEO The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth are open to all Men, Women and Children of all nations, peoples and organizations. All Creatures are universally accepted and all of Nature together with it’s natural environments are protected and included as the ecosystem of the Kingdom.

Please take time to understand and share in the vision.

Join us as this initiative unfolds.



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Have you signed the Petitions so that the World Leaders know that you are aware of the liberation of Humanity from the former debt slavery systems? Let YOUR voice be heard.

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Please view For further information please visit www.Swissindo.News

For inquiries contact Sylvia Schuller:

Source Documents:

Mahkamah Agung signed original and English translation:

Mahkamah Agung – M1 Joint Decree Letter & Video (English)

Mahkamah Agung-M1 Joint Decree video (Indonesian)

In the News:

Swissindo Introduction to the World:

World Debt Burden Liberation Certificate: in conjunction with DBL M1 Master-Bond

Final Acte Committee of 300 Sino AS:

12 Portals of the World:





“The long-awaited, Happy Promised Day is approaching; All will be Happy and Convivial; On that Day, there will be no sadness, nor will there be misery; All shall be Provided; Love and Affection will Grow’ Loving Each Other; Peace on Persada Earth, Peace in our Heart.” — M1

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Juridical Personality

Code: “A1”1957/2014 Art1 Sec1 “A2” Sec 2-8 “A7 and A14
Subject: General Management Merger Authority Mandate Code: 337AM6102
As of 2010 an ACT constituting the twelve portal NKRI Treaty
Returned in Honor by Control No. 01302014-CO3000
The Committee of 300
The World Bank Group
United Nations
British Royal Families
Keraton Surokarto Hadiningrat
Register: 01-05-1887
Official Name Indonesia Official Parent of 25 countries Institutions
Ref: Certification ASBLP 0333902-2010 (Certificate Code 99.98 Board Association of International Document Grantee QA/QC Quality Assurance Quality Control Held by Single Owner as Original Single Inheritance of Assets-Income-Personal Organization-General Landlord Owner Authority of Property and Estate with full Global Immunities In all locations.
NATO- SEATO-NON BLOCK Parent Army – Protector of the PEACE)
Parent 25 of 253 countries Indonesia is PARENT “Protectorate”
Grant Government Reference: The Certificate Code 99.98 UN APROVAL NO. Misa 81704 for 70 years from 17-8-1945 to 17-8-2015 signed by representatives of 25 Parent Countries by IR SOEKARNO and Union Bank of Switzerland by H GROOB has changed hands in action by order of delivery Mandate ID-History of Microfilm 1 “M1” as Certificates Identity to Single Inheritance or Single owner and new generating good content and Grant Gov’t Team TREAD ID: 1-1TB79N Join Doctrine:  3-36 MULTINATIONAL EXELLENCE ON EXECUTION
Official Name Indonesia- ISO 3166/Aloha 2-ID
Register UPU 01-05-1887
Supporting Grant’s for Gov’t Teams Investing Gold’65
GRANT, C 542, GRANT, H. 189: DEFENSIE 12, 16, 65, 70, 73, 98, 102, 116, 131, 133, 146, 156, 159, 175, 178, 179
MILITAIR GEZAG 102, 121, 130, 155, 166, 167, 173, 193, 200, 22.4, 347, 349, 350, 352, 353, 354, 413, 569, 732. 535-44
CTU-Counter Terrorism Unit “CTU 24”
Comptroller of the currency No. 6673228322832254892-G 67578622892
CD-Ownership- BG-57628682
Art.7 Counterfeiting Party
Counterfeiting Comptroller of the Currency Vienna Convention 1934


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